Donations Through EITC Program Critical to BC’s Financial Aid Future

No student is ever turned away from a BC education, regardless of his or her family’s financial circumstances. In fact, more than 75% of Bishop Carroll students receive some level of financial aid. These low- and middle-income families rely on Bishop Carroll’s commitment to giving every student the opportunity to succeed in a faith-based environment.

Fortunately, there’s a way for alumni and friends in Pennsylvania to donate to BC’s financial aid program by giving money you’re already spending—on your state taxes. The Educational Improvement Tax Credit program allows you—and any individual or business paying PA taxes—to donate your tax dollars to Bishop Carroll for a fund exclusively dedicated to financial aid.

For example, if you make a $5,000 donation to BC, you can offset 90%, or $4,500, of your state taxes. Instead of going to Harrisburg, your money goes to a worthwhile investment: Catholic education. BC has been a grateful recipient of EITC donations for more than 10 years, helping hundreds of students and families. Many individuals and businesses already enjoy participating in this unique program as a way to support something meaningful—Bishop Carroll’s mission and the students who benefit from it.

You can sign up for the EITC program anytime during the
year. It’s easy and secure. Simply contact Ellen Konkle, BC’s
EITC program administrator, for more information. Reach
Ellen at (814) 571-0576 or at

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