Named Scholarship Donors Honor their Own Experiences, Pay it Forward

Every donation to Bishop Carroll makes an important impact. Named scholarship giving has a special place in the hearts of countless families who have benefited from the generosity of donors who want to ease their tuition burden. 

Dedicated exclusively to tuition assistance, Named Scholarships enable Bishop Carroll to help families who might otherwise not be able to afford tuition. Many donors who commit to Named Scholarships are alumni who benefited from financial aid when they were students. In their view, this giving opportunity is a way to pay it forward to future generations of students. 

In the words of one donor: 

“I want to pay back what others gave to me and make sure Bishop Carroll is always an option for any student who wants to attend.” 

Others give because they appreciate that parents are making a sacrifice to provide a Catholic education: 

“I am thankful that I had a Catholic education and I know it can be difficult for parents to afford the cost.” 

Many, many others simply believe in the mission of Bishop Carroll and the tremendous value of a Catholic high school education: 

“I received so much from my BC education, I want young people today to have this same opportunity.” 

“BC played such a big role in my formative years. I feel an obligation to help keep it going and to give others that same experience.” 

“I give because I am grateful. Bishop Carroll opened doors for me that would otherwise not have been available to me.” 

Named Scholarships can be created in the name of a donor or donor family, or in honor or memory of an individual or family, named by the donor. Some alumni and classes come together to create this opportunity. Named Scholarships provide need-based financial aid to students who are currently enrolled. 

  • A Named Scholarship requires a minimum gift of $500 per year for a three-year period. 
  • Scholarships are awarded on a non-discriminatory basis at a minimum of $500 per student. 

Donors may request that recipient students meet specific qualifications, such as parish affiliation or performance in an academic subject. Scholarships are not awarded for athletics. Named Scholarships are recognized annually on the Honor Roll of Donors and with a student acknowledgement. 

If you’d like to support need-based tuition assistance by starting a Named Scholarship, contact Annalisa McCann in the alumni office at 

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