The Impact of our Catholic Identity: A Message for the New School Year

As a new school year begins, I want to take a moment to thank you, our loyal alumni, donors and friends of Bishop Carroll. Some of you have opportunities to visit our campus for events throughout the year. Others stay connected through our magazine, the news media and these emails. It’s important to our faculty and staff that you know we cherish you as lifelong member of the BC family. 

Whether you’ve been to Bishop Carroll recently or not, as you might expect, a lot has changed. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to tell you about what has stayed the same. 

Every time I meet a BC grad—in the community or here at school when they stop by to say hello—they share their personal stories with me. While every story is unique and special, they share a common thread, no matter their age or graduation year: Bishop Carroll made them who they are today. 

For some graduates, this impact led to an exceptional career path, like the alumni profile we’re featuring this month about Mike Ryan ’78. For others, Bishop Carroll helped to nurture a talent in music or art that led to a career, or to a role sharing those gifts in church or in the community. Many alumni credit their participation in Husky Athletics with teaching them skills like resilience and teamwork that they use in their professional lives or now teach their own children. And, of course, many are grateful that BC instilled a dedication to their faith that has helped them to create strong marriages and families and maintain lifelong friendships with fellow Huskies. 

What is it about Bishop Carroll that made this impact possible? I believe the answer is firmly planted in Bishop Carroll’s Catholic identity. As a Catholic high school, Bishop Carroll is committed to recognizing and encouraging the God-given potential of every student. Faculty and staff believe in the capabilities of every student, and give students the courage and confidence to believe in themselves. If you visit our school, you will witness this every day, in academics, in the arts, in athletics, and, most importantly in the hallways and in the cafeteria, where every student is expected to show kindness and compassion for their fellow classmates. 

The benefits of the values-based learning environment offered at Bishop Carroll is so important, perhaps more than ever, and it exists because of you. Your prayers, your presence, and your financial gifts make a difference for students and families, and demonstrate your support for our faculty and staff. As the new year kicks off, no matter where you live or when you graduated, or if you’re a parent, grandparent or friend of BC, remember that you are part of this special Catholic school and the incredible impact it has had and continues to have on generations of graduates. 

May you feel God’s blessing this fall and throughout the new academic year. 


Lynn Weber, CEO 

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