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Dandrea family

Dandrea familyIt isn’t unusual to find siblings at Bishop Carroll, but it is unique to find a family in which all seven siblings attended the school. This is the case with the Dandrea family, which includes Raymond ’72, Richard ’73, Lea ’74, Robert (Bo) ’75, Joel ’78, Jack ’80, and Brenda ’84. In recalling their years at Bishop Carroll, many of the siblings echo that Bishop Carroll reinforced values they were learning at home: faith, discipline, honesty, and integrity.

Their father, Dr. Raymond Dandrea, was a local physician, and he worked hard and long hours to support the family. Their mom, Susie, was at home raising the kids. When their oldest son, Ray, started at Bishop Carroll, the school had only just begun charging a modest tuition.

“Raising seven kids, paying tuition, and putting us through school wasn't a major struggle,” says Joel, “but only because both of our parents were committed and worked very hard.”

Having grown up in the church and attended Catholic grade school, there was never any question that the Dandrea siblings would go to Bishop Carroll.

Though there was a vast age range between the siblings, those who were there at the same time, they often traveled to school together, helped each other with homework, and attended athletic events together.

Over the years, the Dandreas had their share of sibling rivalries, with each wanting to outshine their siblings in academics, sports, and other activities.

“Surpassing the academic and athletic achievements of my older brothers and sister was most important,” says Joel. “We were a competitive bunch.”

Built on this solid foundation, the Dandrea siblings have all gone on to achieve great things. In their careers they hold senior positions in skilled professions – nurse, lawyer, dentist, financial advisor, engineer, software sales, and more. They have raised families, they give back to their communities, and they have carried forth the values they learned at Bishop Carroll.

While many of the Dandreas no longer live in the area, nearly all of them continue to give to Bishop Carroll. This dedication speaks volumes about what their time there meant to them and what it still means to them today.

“The school has tremendous leadership that recognizes the value in providing a Catholic school education alternative,” says Jack. “It is evident by the newsletter announcements that Bishop Carroll continues to produce a stream of very successful individuals. It is critical that individuals assist in any way that they can.”

“Catholic education taught me reverence for human life in all its forms, and the importance, for those who can, of passing forward the gift of life which was given to us by our parents and their predecessors over thousands of years,” says Rick. “I’m thankful to have been taught these lessons in Catholic school.”

The Dandrea family is a prime example of how an education based in faith, discipline, and values, provides a solid foundation upon which students can build a life. They are grateful for their time at Bishop Carroll, and Bishop Carroll is grateful for their continued support.

Caption: The Dandrea siblings celebrating together at their brother Ray's wedding.

Some of The Dandreas’ Favorite Memories at Bishop Carroll

“Riding the football bus to away games. During the early ’70s, the Huskies competed in the Pittsburgh Catholic League. Jim Huber, a ’71 guard would write limericks that referred to teammates, coaches, girlfriends, and teachers... nobody was off limits.  We laughed so hard while singing along to Huber's lyrics!”

- Ray ’72

“Hangin’ out with my pals – Barry Eckenrode, Pete Shrift, Sammy Piccioni, Jimmy Fedorka, Anne Springer, and many other ’73 classmates; details not suitable for publication.”

– Rick ’73

“Being in Aquinas Hall and having my skirt measured by the nuns—then  rolling it up immediately after; cheerleading with my cousin Sandy Kimball and friend Amy Pion; there were many positive and fond memories.”

– Lea ’74

“Being a leader for the Cross Country team on the school’s first team appearance in the Pennsylvania State Championship meet under the guidance of Coach Tom Bush; being present for Victor Tranquillo’s first win on the wrestling team, and having the good fortune to be surrounded by many teachers and administrators (Brother Richard Sharpe) who were committed to Catholic education and who truly cared about the students at Bishop Carroll.”

- Jack ’80

“During my junior year, I was implicated for lifting some chocolate milk.  It wasn't me that borrowed the milk, but my friend, Chris Kirsch. The principal, Brother Richard Sharpe, called me to his office and made me sit for hours. He made the mistake of leaving his office with the keys on his desk. I locked him out and put my feet up on his desk as a display of defiance. At the threat of suspension, he negotiated a deal through the glass panel of his door and I was released. I never caved with the facts, and it wasn't until Chris came forward that Brother Richard lifted his threat of suspension.”

– Joel

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