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Students Illuminate Saint Nicholas Church with Eagle Projects

Students Illuminate Saint Nicholas Church with Eagle Projects If you pass through the parking lot of Saint Nicholas Church, you will notice that there have been a few big changes since last summer. What is new? One flagpole by the social hall and six light poles around the lot and community center.

The improvements were spearheaded by two Bishop Carroll students as part of their Eagle Scout projects.

Sophomore Tim Ludwig and senior Sam Krumenacker (pictured here with BCCHS CEO Lynn Weber) both chose to have their Eagle Scout projects benefit Saint Nicholas Church. 

When Sam heard the church wanted to construct a flagpole near the Church Hall, he decided to take the idea “by the horns.” With the help of his father, Ron Krumenacker, the Bishop Carroll student got to work.

“We aren’t carpenters by any trade, but we managed to make a base for that flagpole. We prepped the area, we had our neighbor dig out the bushes with his tractor and then we dug a hole which we poured concrete into,” Mr. Krumenacker said.

Tim Ludwig’s project consisted of installing six light poles around the community center and church parking lot.

“The lot wasn't lit before—walking through it during evening masses in the winter was difficult for the elderly parishioners,” Tim said. “I hoped the lighting would help them get to and from their cars [much more] safely.”

The process was not simple.

“To put up the light poles, we first dug the holes, then we put conduit for wiring in them and poured the cement into the holes. We started to dig the trenches for the rest of the conduit and we then laid the conduit with wiring to all of the lights and the power source,” Tim explained.

The illuminated church serves as a symbol of how their hard work has paid off.

 “My last part of the project was to put on an illuminator for the pole,” Sam said. “Seeing that light was an overwhelming feeling all around.”

“It’s not just about achieving your project—it’s about the stamina and perseverance—it’s about starting something important and finishing it,” Mr. Krumenacker said. “Seeing my son grow up as a Catholic student and an Eagle Scout, I see a young man who shows loyalty even in hard times.”

Tim’s parents, Joe and Lorraine Ludwig, agreed that this project helped instill life-long skills and lessons in their son.

“We hope that this project taught him how to plan and budget for future life experiences,” they said. “He is starting to think about his future more and is starting to think of how he can become a responsible adult.”

“My brothers, Matt and Paul… gave me lots to look up to. With them both having earned the rank of Eagle, I wanted to do the same,” Tim said. “I have a lot of pride in what [my project] accomplished. I enjoyed the time spent working with my dad, family and friends.”

Sam said that the experience taught him the value of hard work, discipline and faith that the journey is worthy of the destination.

“If I could say anything to any other Boy Scouts who want to become Eagle Scouts one day, I’d tell them not to quit,” the senior said. “I would say keep working towards your goals because they are worth it in the end.”  

Bishop Carroll teachers and staff are proud of Tim and Sam’s dedication to service and servant leadership.

“I know the standards at BC and it’s an investment—the teachers drive them harder and teach them to interact. Sam went out for football, made national honor society, runner-up for Homecoming—my shy son there,” Mr. Krumenacker said. “I attribute it to Scouts and to his education at BC, where their motto on educating the spirit, heart, mind and body truly do build character and stewardship in their students.”

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