Academics at Bishop Carroll

Bishop Carroll is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Middle State Association. Our faculty is comprised of PA certified teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in their subject areas. Our student to teacher ratio is 10:1.

Academic programs are available for students at varying skill levels, and teachers provide each student with individual attention based on their academic goals and abilities.

Regularly, more than 90% of graduates go directly on to higher education and collectively earn up to $2 million in scholarships. Many students go on to prestigious Catholic colleges and universities through scholarship and articulation agreements with Bishop Carroll.

Bishop Carroll is located in the heart of Ebensburg in the beautiful Laurel Highlands. Our campus includes our high school building and gymnasium, as well as Aquinas Hall which houses BC’s International Program. Our view from “Husky Hill” of the surrounding hillsides and landscape is a daily reminder of God’s wonder.

Bishop Carroll is committed to providing a high-quality, Christ-centered education for all students.

Course offerings include Advanced Placement and accelerated programs for core subject areas, including: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, History, Math, Spanish, Art and more. Bishop Carroll’s focus is to prepare college-bound graduates to compete on campus and in the global marketplace.

Local colleges and universities partner with Bishop Carroll on opportunities for students to earn college credits through their BC coursework. Students who complete these courses graduate with both high school and college transcripts as well as college credits. Students typically have the opportunity to earn as many as 31 credits.

Bishop Carroll believes its reading emphasis makes it unique. All students are required to complete a supplemental reading requirement each year in order to graduate. Summer reading assignments are also made to prepare students for the upcoming school year and give teachers a common ground with which to begin instruction. The English Department chooses summer books for their timeliness and timelessness. Summer reading is assessed by classroom teachers during the first week of school. Successful completion of summer reading is necessary for fall sports participation.

Students who struggle with reading or math can find support and appropriate instruction in the developmental programs. Math courses are broken down into simple units for steady progress. A reading specialist works with students whose reading skills are below the targeted grade level, and support is provided by classroom teachers to enable struggling readers to improve and succeed.

Grading Scale

A — 93-100
B — 85-92
C — 75-84
D — 70-74
Failure — Below 70

Class Rank

Rank is determined by a weighted grading system. Advanced – 1.1, Honors – 1.05, Academic – 1.00

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from Bishop Carroll requires the satisfactory completion of no less than twenty-eight units of study in acceptable sequence.

4.0 credits – Religion
4.0 credits – English
3.0 credits – Social Studies
4.0 credits – Math
4.0 credits – Science
2.0 credits – Foreign Language Arts/Reading Lab
1.5 credits – Physical Education/Health
0.5 credits – Music/Art
0.5 credits – Computer Science
1.0 credit – Accelerated Reader

24.5 credits – Mandated Courses
3.5 credits  Elective Courses

28.0 credits

Accelerated Reader

A total of 28 Accelerated Reader, or AR, points are an annual requirement.

Of those 28 points, 14 must be completed by Tuesday, September 20, 2016. View the 2016 summer AR guidelines here.

Honors/Advanced Courses

Honors courses are available in every core area. Bishop Carroll Catholic High School offers the opportunity to earn college credits in Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry 12; Java; Physics; Advanced Latin 3 and 4; Anatomy and Physiology; Advanced Biology; Modern American History; Advanced English, and Spanish 4. In addition, several courses are also designated “AP” or Advanced Placement.

General & Academic Information

For motivated students, advanced courses are available in many subject areas: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, History, Math, Spanish and more. Most upper-level advanced courses have AP designation or Dual enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year. These courses prepare Bishop Carroll graduates for the competitive global marketplace of the 21st Century.

Dual Enrollment – College in High School program

Local colleges and universities offer students the opportunity to earn credits through courses taken at Bishop Carroll. Students pay minimal fees for the credits, and graduate with a college transcript as well as a high school one. In the 2018-2019 school year, students have the opportunity to earn over 40 credits before graduation.

High School CourseCollege PartnerCredits EarnedCollege Equivalent
Pre-Calculus/TrigonometryCarlow College3 creditsMath 150 Pre-Calculus
Advanced EnglishMount Aloysius3 creditsEnglish 102
Advanced Latin 3St. Francis U.3 creditsLatin 102
Advanced Latin 4St. Francis U.3 creditsLatin 201
Advanced SpanishSt. Francis U.3 creditsSpanish 201
Advanced Anatomy & PhysiologyPenn. Highlands Community Coll4 creditsHCM 130 Basic Anatomy/ Physiology
Advanced Modern American HistPenn. Highlands Community Coll3 creditsHIS 110 US History
Advanced BiologyPenn. Highlands Community Coll4 creditsBIO 105 General Bio/Lab
JAVAMount Aloysius3 creditsCS 281
PhysicsSt. Francis U.3 creditsPhysics 104

Upon the successful completion of these courses, the credit will
appear on an official college transcript that can be sent to other
colleges for transfer of credit. While most colleges will honor the
credit through College in High School, we recommend that students
inquire at the college of their choice for clarification of how the
credit may be applied.

All of the following courses are offered in conjunction with local
colleges. Students pay a minimal fee for the credits. All courses are
three credits unless noted.

  • Calculus 
  • Advanced Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus 
  • AP English 
  • Advanced Latin 3 
  • Advanced Latin 4 
  • Advanced Spanish 3 
  • Advanced Spanish 4 
  • Advanced Physics 
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Advanced Modern American History 
  • AP Biology 
  • AP Computer Science 
  • Accounting 
  • Advanced Chemistry 
  • Professor in Residence Program through Saint Francis University 
  • Statistics 101 
  • Business 101

AP Courses

In addition to the extensive list of College in High School classes,
Bishop Carroll also offers many Advanced Placement courses. Students who choose to take these courses and the AP test at the end of the year and achieve a certain score may have the class count towards their credit completion in college. Many of these courses are also college in high school courses so students have the option in  many scenarios of getting the AP credit or the transfer credit.

Current AP courses at Bishop Carroll include:

  • AP Calculus
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Literature and Writing

For motivated students, advanced courses are available in many subject areas: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, History, Math, Spanish and more. Most upper-level advanced courses have AP designation or Dual enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year. These courses prepare Bishop Carroll graduates for the competitive global marketplace of the 21st Century.


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