Student Health and Wellness Center in the Works

Help us turn the weight room into the Student Health and Wellness Center! The seniors in the AP Politics Class have undertaken the project of refurbishing the weight room into a health and wellness center to benefit the school. They are starting renovation soon to transform the room.

They plan to work together to clean, paint and reorganize the space and add equipment, as well as updating fixtures. In addition to the changes to the room, they plan to develop an educational plan so students can properly care for their physical health.

Bishop Carroll strives to educate students in spirit, heart, mind, and body, and we look forward to seeing the students work together to create the Student Health and Wellness Center to benefit the school.

Join us and be part of this exciting project! Cash donations and sponsoring of equipment purchases, as well as donations of new or nearly new equipment would make a great impact on the new center.

You can purchase a T-shirt in cotton or dri-fit to support the project. The shirts will feature the Huskies Athletics logo shown here. Cotton shirts are $15, and Dri-Fit shirts are $17. You can purchase by contacting Mr. Nagy at or 814-472-7500.

How your Gifts Make a Difference in many Aspects of BC Life

Every year, information circulates about our country’s biggest nonprofits and the (sometimes minuscule) percentage of money that actually goes to making a difference. It can be frustrating and make you feel powerless to donate to a cause and wonder where the money will go. Fortunately, giving to BC makes a clear and profound difference in the lives of students in many specific ways.

Financial aid: Not every family can afford full tuition, but through scholarships and endowments, we can make sure that the opportunity for Catholic education is in the grasp of every child. Your support helps Bishop Carroll prepare more children to go out and do great things.

Facilities improvements: New windows, upgrades to security, the addition of the home football field, and upgrades to the gym are all examples of recent improvements made possible by your support. Bishop Carroll strives to be a good steward of your dollars while also providing a safe and effective learning environment for students.

Classroom materials, equipment and technology: As Bishop Carroll champions the education of the whole student, body, mind and spirit, we support all areas of learning with your donations. Instruments and band uniforms, lab equipment and technology, and classroom supplies and materials are all maintained by your generosity.

The annual fund is a critical measure of our success

When you give to Bishop Carroll’s annual fund, you are providing unrestricted financial support and direct resources to exactly where they are needed most at the time.

Participation in the annual fund by alumni, friends and businesses strengthens BC in all the ways listed above, plus it helps to hire high-quality faculty members who are role models of faith and service, and to curriculum enhancements like dual enrollment programs with colleges and universities and technology courses.

You know that Bishop Carroll changed your life, and you can pay it forward into the life of a student by directing your next donation. For more information or to give online, click here.

Reconnect with your Classmates this Year

What do the classes of 1999 and 1979 have in common? They are just two out of a full list of alumni who are reconnecting this year with a reunion. Take some time to catch up on the last 20, 40 or 50 years with the friends who made your time at BC so memorable. You can find more information about reunions and upcoming events here!

Student-Athletes Commit to College

The class of 2018 has a lot of talented Huskies, several of whom just signed letters of intent for college. We look forward to cheering them on as they do great things in the future!

Congratulations to Evan Becquet, Logan Gottshall, and Jarrett Grove, all of whom signed their letters of intent this month.

Evan will be attending Mount Aloysius, where he’ll be playing baseball. Evan says, “I eat, sleep, and breathe baseball and the Mount Aloysius program is awesome. Much like my experience at Bishop Carroll, the environment at Mount Aloysius is warm and welcoming. It just feels like home.”

Logan Gottshall will be attending Waynesburg University, where he will major in Bio Pre-Med and play baseball. Logan says, “I was very impressed with their Biology department and felt that they had everything to help me get into med school. The coach is a great guy as well. Bishop Carroll has helped me achieve my dream of playing college baseball, as well as preparing me for the future academically. I am very thankful.”

Jarrett Grove will be attending Waynesburg University and majoring in Criminal Justice while he plays football. He says, “I chose Waynesburg because they have a top criminal justice program and I can continue playing football in college, which has always been my dream. I am thankful to Bishop Carroll because the school has prepared me spiritually, mentally, academically and physically for the next level. I am grateful for my four years here and I am sad to see them pass by but I am excited for the next step in my life.”

These three illustrate that athletic programs at BC aren’t just about what happens on the field. For BC students, physical education—including athletic teams—is an opportunity to grow and develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. In fact, according to the New York Times, studies have shown that high school students who participate in sports develop strong leadership skills and tend to have more self-confidence. Some studies even suggest that former high school athletes are more likely to volunteer their time and make donations as adults. Besides this, participating in sports helps young people form fitness and lifestyle habits that will keep them healthy for a lifetime.

Congratulations, seniors! We are excited to see how God uses your talents you as you move into the next phase of your lives!

Class of 1974 45th Class Reunion

The Class of 1974 is planning to have their 45th Class Reunion on July 20 – details to follow. If you are a member of the class of 1974 and have not received information from your classmates, please contact the alumni office for more information at 814-472-7500 x104 or email

Faith on Fire: Students Open Up about Their Faith

One of the many unique characteristics of an education at Bishop Carroll compared to other schools is the opportunity for students to discuss, explore, and grow their faith.

While many of our students were raised in Catholic families and have a strong foundation from instruction at home and their parish, they may still have questions, concerns, or experiences they want to share. With our new Faith on Fire program, students are given ample opportunities to explore these questions and share ideas and opinions in small peer groups.

These “safe spaces” were first created in January of 2017, when the school started the Alpha course — an evangelistic course that introduces the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions. Described by its organizers as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life,” this course helped students create bonds with small groups of friends and gave them a chance to open up in safe settings.

Inspired by the transformation they saw in students’ abilities to share their faith, administrators, faculty, and staff launched Faith on Fire. The program is designed to foster further faith exploration and encourage students to ask questions and learn from their peers. Already, it is helping build a stronger sense of community at Bishop Carroll and strengthen our students’ faith.

Students meet in their small groups twice a month to watch a video and answer discussion questions based on the topic of the video.

“We choose videos, questions, and music to align with the Arise content based on the Scripture passages of each session,” explains Karen Blaisdell, teacher, campus minister, and the coordinator of Faith on Fire. “It is a great opportunity for students to see how their faith is a 24/7/365 proposition and everything should be seen through the eyes of their Catholic faith.”

According to Blaisdell, many students say that it was hard to share their faith with their friends before they had a small group, but they now find it easier to share in their group and with others outside of it.

“I like getting to talk to people my own age about Catholicism and knowing the struggles of teens just like me,” said freshman Tia Bradley. “It is easier to relate to my friends than it is with an adult. It is a very open discussion and there is not just one person trying to teach you something.”

Senior Samantha Rosenberger echoed these sentiments. “I like how Faith on Fire allows my friends and I to explore our faith together,” she said. “It encourages us to explore ideas that we didn’t fully understand before together. It is also nice to be able to get answers about faith from people you trust and have a lot in common with. My favorite part of Faith on Fire is how it provides a comfortable environment to ask questions and become closer to God.”

In Case You Missed It: BC Students Display Art at Johnstown Gallery

Congratulations to our talented students whose artistic works are on display at a Johnstown gallery! BC art and religion teacher Karen Blaisdell, along with Bev Struble, art teacher at Divine Mercy, organized the show as a way to feature the God-given talents of students throughout the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. The show runs through February 25 at Bottle Works in Johnstown’s Cambria City neighborhood.

Read more about the show in this article from the Tribune-Democrat.

Karen Blaisdell, BC Religion and Art teacher  talks on Proclaim! TV about the First Annual Divinely Inspired Art Show featuring the creativity of Catholic school students from throughout the diocese. The show runs from February 15-25 at the Bottle Works in Johnstown. Check it out! Congratulations to Karen, fellow organizer Bev Struble, Art teacher at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, and, of course, the talented students.

Don’t Miss these Spring Events!

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, all the fun of the school play, the gala, reunions and more. Make sure you have these dates penciled into your calendar!


Class of 1979 40th Reunion

Saturday, March 30, 2019

7pm to ?

Off the Rack, Ebensburg, PA

Please spread the word!

Facebook page: Bishop Carroll Class of 1979

Bishop Carroll Annual Craft Fair 

April 13

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Join us in the cafeteria for Bishop Carroll’s annual craft fair from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 13. You can purchase crafts from area artists, homemade foods, and gourmet cinnamon rolls and gobs. For more information, call 814-472-7500 ext. 101.

Proceeds benefit Bishop Carroll students.

Bishop Carroll Gala

April 27

Class of 1999’s 20th Reunion

The class of 1999’s 20th reunion will take place on May 25, 2019 at Lake Rowena in Ebensburg at 4:00pm

Class of ’69 50 Year Reunion

August 10, 2019

More details to come!

BC puts faith in action with Compassion child, Elmer

Bishop Carroll has long been known for putting faith into action – walking along side students to grow in their faith, and then put their beliefs into action and change the world around them.

One of the ways that students get to make a real life change is through the school’s partnership with Compassion International, and BC’s sponsored child, Elmer. Part of their Mass collection each month goes towards his care.

Elmer has been sponsored for numerous years through BC. Former student Mark Lynch says, “One of my proudest moments at BC was working with Mrs. Condor and a representative from CI to get Elmer sponsored. When I was a senior, he was 5 or 6 and pictured wearing an Oakland Raiders shirt. (We need to send him some black and gold to wear). I’m so glad that BC has continued with their generosity to keep him funded. This is amazing!”

A few months ago, Elmer celebrated his birthday, and BC celebrated with him virtually. Click here to see the students’ birthday message! The students also wrote birthday cards to him.

Thanks, teachers and staff, for continually making faith in action a big part of our students’ lives! It’s training that will enable them to be world-changers as they leave these halls.