Alumni Office Director Finds Family and Makes a Difference at BC

When Director of the Alumni Office Annalisa McCann ‘97 moved back to Ebensburg she learned again what it means to be part of the Bishop Carroll family. And now she’s giving back and needs your help.

When I moved back to Ebensburg from Baltimore in 2016, it wasn’t under the happiest circumstances. My husband of nearly 5 years had just lost his battle with cancer, and my children and I were feeling on our own, seeking to be closer to family. We didn’t realize then just how much family we really have, right here in our hometown.

Life is brighter now—we’re all adjusted and thriving. We owe this to our family, of course, but not just our relatives. In Ebensburg—especially at Bishop Carroll—we found an extended family that embraced us and nurtured us far more than we anticipated. The Bishop Carroll family took us in and reminded me, once a Husky, always a Husky.

That’s why as Director of the Alumni Office, I’m excited to be part of so many efforts to give back to BC. Bishop Carroll is so much more than a high school, and so much more than just four years of life. It’s the start of a lifelong experience that connects you to your faith, your goals, your friends and your community. I know we’ve all felt this in our own unique ways.

It’s important to me that Bishop Carroll continues to thrive and offer this unique and life-changing experience for generations to come. If you feel the same—and I know many of you do—then I’m asking for your help:

As Alumni Director, I’ll be playing a special role in the next stage of Bishop Carroll’s capital campaign, heading up an effort to work with class representatives and engage as many alumni as possible as donors. If you’ve already volunteered to be a class agent, thank you! I’m excited to work with you. More alumni are always welcome to get involved. Just email me at

Stay tuned for more as this next stage of the campaign kicks off. As alumni, it’s a privilege to be caretakers of the Bishop Carroll legacy for future generations. Let’s show the world how much it means to us.

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