Students Rely on Need-Based Financial Aid; Donate Your State Tax Dollars to Catholic Education

Yes, you CAN donate to BC rather than sending your money to Harrisburg, AND help close the gap on financial aid. More donors are needed for the EITC program, which provides tax credits in exchange for donations used for need-based financial aid. Please keep reading, then take action.

EITC—the Education Improvement Tax Credit—is a major source of financial aid funding for Bishop Carroll, and right now, more donors are needed to make sure aid is available for qualifying students in 2020. Beginning next year, BC will receive no funding at all from the Diocese, leaving a gap to fill for financial aid. Students and families are relying on financial aid to help them afford a Catholic education.

Pennsylvania offers the EITC, in order to provide financial aid to qualified families who choose private and faith-based schools. Donations through EITC go directly to families who demonstrate financial need, which is a large majority of our school families. It is a unique and beneficial program that keeps state tax dollars in our community, benefiting local students and families.

EITC is open to most PA residents, and participating is easy. A short discussion with our program administrators can help determine if you qualify.

Wouldn’t you rather use your state taxes to help a student receive a Catholic education? If you answered yes, take action today:

Call or email Ellen Konkle, Bishop Carroll’s EITC program administrator, at (814) 571-0576 or

As an independent Catholic high school, Bishop Carroll relies on the generosity of alumni, friends and donors in the community. Please consider making the EITC program part of your giving strategy to Bishop Carroll.

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