You Can Help Students to Earn Saint Francis University Credits

Juniors and seniors will have an exciting new opportunity in the 2020-21 school year thanks to BC’s strong partnership with Saint Francis University. BC alumni can play a role in helping students to take advantage of this new program. This may be especially interesting to BC grads who also graduated from SFU.

In the 2020-21 school year, Saint Francis University will offer online courses to juniors and seniors at Bishop Carroll. The cost for these courses will be significantly lower than taking the same courses on campus, helping families and giving students the advantage of earning college credits while they are in high school. This is a tremendous benefit of BC’s strong relationship with SFU!

Despite the lower cost, this opportunity may still be out of reach for some families. Alumni can help by contributing funds that will be dedicated to aiding students who otherwise would not be able to participate. This is a perfect way for alumni to give back, especially if you are a graduate of both BC and SFU!

A donation of $600 will sponsor one course for one student. Donations of any amount are appreciated to help offset the cost for one or multiple students.

To designate a gift for this purpose, include SFU Online Course in the memo line of your check, or select SFU Online Course Sponsorship as the designation for your online gift.

Bishop Carroll is blessed to have a world-class university in its backyard. Faculty and administrators work hard to make sure students can access and benefit from the many opportunities that SFU makes available. Alumni and friends of Bishop Carroll can be part of this relationship, too!

Every Donor Counts: Corrections to the 2019-20 Honor Roll

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” Thank goodness, because I am writing to seek forgiveness from some of our loyal and valued alumni and friends.

After mailing our last Bishop Carroll News, which included the 2019-20 Honor Roll of Donors, my phone lit up. Regrettably, I made a mistake when I pulled the annual donor report from our database system, causing a sizable list of donors to be excluded.

I am so grateful for the calls I received and, most of all, for the grace all of these donors showed to me when I realized then explained the error I had made. Part of what makes my work at Bishop Carroll so meaningful is the opportunity to connect with our loyal alumni and friends—I felt terrible that I had unintentionally left so many of them off our donor list. I’m pleased to now list all of you below this article. Your names will also appear in the next issue of the Bishop Carroll News later this spring.

As a relative newcomer to Bishop Carroll’s team, I am still learning. Please accept my sincere apology and know that you can reach me anytime with questions, corrections or concerns.


Annalisa (Snair) McCann; (814) 472-7500 x104

Loyal Support Club
Richard Chimelewski and Jennifer Shrift 1971
Judine Hertzog 1967
Robert Dillon 1963
Kathy (Eckenrode) Getz 1976
Thelma (Schrift)Long 1965
Patrick Shaughnessey 1967
Dave Stossel 1974
Jeffrey Westrick 1976
Barbara (Wirfel) Henzel 1983
Stephen Kazmer 1966
Edward Kirsch 1968
William Suwinski 1970
Francis Holtz 1975
Joseph Seliga

Aquinas Club
Catherine Bender 2015
Paul Bills 1970
Nicholas Damin 1998
Paul Dillon and Susan Kirsch 1971
Joseph Golden 1995
James Leahey 1982
Elizabeth (Shaughnessey) Lee 1969
Sharon (Traino) Magley 1968
Consiglia Martynuska 1970
Rose Ann McMullen 1966
Bonnie (Campbell) Neal 1968
Loretta Parrish 1967
William Rhoades and Marie Strittmatter 1972
Paul Shank 1978
Dennis Thompson 1965
Barry Zaffuto 1972
Robert Zakrzwski 1980
Louise Kline 1969
Kevin Blais 2017

Blue and White Club
Andrew and Patricia (Westrick) Bezek 1967
Geraldine Ciesielka 1973
James Cronauer 1963
James Eckenrode 1977
Lon and Shirley (Dumm) Good 1964
Barbara (Glova) Gray 1964
Annette Hines 1979
Andrea Holtz 1977
Theresa Kerfonta 1964
Michael Klapak 1970
James Kline 1964
Heidi (Hodge) Kopchik 1981
Pamela (Hahn) Ley 1986
Melissa (Markovich) Miller 1969
Cynthia Moll 1968
Kenneth and Linda (Itle) Morchesky 1964
Connor Semelsberger 2013
Harold Smith 1963
John Sweeney 1973
Michele (Rutka)Weakland 1968
Mary (Wasil) Weaver 1968
Rosemary (Glova) Zenone 1964
Scott Delauter 1989
John Bem 1965
Charles Eck 1969
Janice (Gregory) Gobert 1972
Edith and Mark Hertzog
Joseph and Regina (Shrift) Itle 1965
John Krug 1970
Michael Miller 1984
Eugene Myers 1967
John and Theresa (Stopka) Scanlan 1969

Husky Club
Ralph and Elaine (Gavlak) Zajac 1965
Patrick and Kevin (Parrish) McMullen 1965
Judith Voytko 1975
Michael Vargo 1964

Sr. Frances Mary Murray Club
Stanley Carson 1971
Rene Damin 1970
Richard Golden 1968
Marie McCombie 1970

Rev. Msgr. Faber J. Malloy Club
Kathleen Capon
Donald and Karen DeGol 1965
Kenneth Harchick 1963
Robert Kolar 1963
Joseph Krug 1969
Ralph and Mary Beth (Ludwig) Lieb 1965
Joseph and Suzanne (Long) Pearson 1968
Richard Prostejovsky
Bernard Smith 1964
Philip Woo
Donald and Lorie (Eget) Ratchford 1986
Vernon Litzinger 1963

The Power of Thousands of Alumni and Friends

Bishop Carroll’s greatest asset is its strong and loyal family of alumni and friends. You are one of thousands of graduates who experienced the life-changing benefits of Catholic education firsthand. You are making a difference in the world, like all your fellow alumni, in your own way. Imagine what we can accomplish together.

You’ve heard about Bishop Carroll’s Our Tradition, Our Future campaign and how critical it is to the sustainability of our facilities and generations of students to come. This project is also an opportunity for every class and every graduate to leave a legacy in honor of their BC experience.

While thinking about a capital campaign gift may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. For example, if you can give just $10, $15 or $25 a month, you can make a major impact on this project.

In any project like this 100% participation is rare. So what’s possible? Ten percent? Twenty? Consider this:

If just 15% of alumni from every graduating class contributed $10/month over five years, that collective support—more than $600,000—would lift our campaign total to more than $1.2 million, surpassing our phase 1 goal.

Soon you’ll be hearing from a class representative to learn more about the project. Please consider whether you can be part of Our Tradition, Our Future, at $10/month or at a level that is manageable and meaningful to you.

You can set up a recurring monthly gift online, or complete a pledge form and mail or email it to Bishop Carroll.

Thank you for your strong and loyal support!