A New Beginning on Husky Hill

Three crosses stood at the entrance to Bishop Carroll for more than 60 years, serving as a physical representation of our Catholic identity. Two years ago, the crosses had to be removed for safety reasons. The wood had deteriorated beyond repair.

Thanks to the help of a wonderful team of volunteers, new crosses have been constructed and raised in their place!

Watch a slideshow of volunteers working on the new crosses!

This was a huge team effort led by Rick Yahner—thank you to Rick and the Yahner family.  Many others contributed to this project:

  • Crane donated by Moonlight Mechanics owned by Darin Bobby and Garrett Maslonick. They are friends of Rick’s and he arranged for the crane donation.
  • Ed Mauer donated his time to bring the crane on site and operate the crane.
  • Hilyer’s Hardware of Patton donated the bags of Quickcrete concrete mix that were dumped in the holes around the poles.
  • Westrick Supply Center of Carrolltown donated the long galvanized bolts and nuts for installation of the cross arms.
  • Dolges Electric of St. Benedict sold the poles at cost to the school.
  • Rick and Julie Yahner, Greg and Lynn Weber, and Don and Lorie Ratchford donated towards the cost of poles.
  • We also want to thank Brian Holley, Bob Strittmatter, Ben and Gabe Yahner, Jerry McMullen and Lorie Ratchford for their help in the project.

Special thanks again to Rick Yahner who not only arranged for all of the above, but also brought his equipment- lowboy, skid steer, auger for the drilling of the holes, bucket truck, etc. THANK YOU!

As these crosses stand strong in the Ebensburg skyline, they demonstrate that Bishop Carroll remains forever strong in its faith.

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