Remembering Msgr. Arnold Gaus

Thanks to all of the BC alumni who took the time to write in and offer their condolences and share their memories of Msgr. Gaus.

“For some of us who weren’t to particularly the best math students, Fr. Gaus was demanding but he was also a patient teacher. And he brought the same energy and zeal to whatever he was doing outside the classroom as he brought to teaching. As we look back, the most important thing we all remember is that he was a good and decent person. The real benefit we all received from knowing him came from the energy, example and decency he brought to the classroom every day.”

-Bill McLucas

“Fr. Gaus and all the other priests at Bishop Carroll are to be held in great esteem. They helped to shape guys like Jimmy C., and even in times of falling away, they were there for us. I am always so grateful to all of our BC priests and nuns and will never forget how they truly cared for us. God Bless them all and Godspeed Arnie.”

-Jim Carcinella

“Throughout my life when anyone ever asked if I had a favorite or inspirational teacher, there was one name at the top of that list: Father Gaus. He was my math muse and I went on to be a software engineer thanks to him. He made math fun and interesting, I will never forget his influence.”

-Dennis Huber

“He was the most inspirational teacher I ever had. Then he went on to take over at Holy Name where we desperately needed a true man of God. He baptized my only son and lovingly helped us to bury both of our parents. He was the best.”

-Cathy Creany

“Fr. Gaus was that special one of a kind teacher to me as well. As my math mentor he encouraged, challenged and inspired me to be the best that I could be. He never accepted anything less. He had a profound influence on my technical career path.”

-Jim Cicero

“There are only 5 or 6 teachers and professors that I know left a significant and a significantly positive effect on me that has lasted a lifetime. Fr. Gaus is one of those. He was not only an outstanding—and demanding (in the right way!)—teacher, he was also a great human being. Did you know that when he found out I had no car to take my date to the prom, he pulled me aside and offered his? I accepted and was as grateful as a teenager could be.”

-Jim Voytko

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