Wishing Mrs. Ratchford a Happy Retirement

Mrs. Ratchford not only graduated from BC, she spent her entire career here, telling the Diocese Proclaim Magazine, “I was so happy there that I never thought to go anywhere else.”

Citing a family atmosphere, she said, “I felt like I was part of a team my entire time. We all pitch in. We’re there for our students. We want our students to succeed. We love our school.”

Mrs. Ratchford was in a unique position, working with educators who taught her when she was a student.

“I had wonderful teachers who then became my colleagues and friends,” she said. “I have the utmost respect for the people I worked with every day because we all worked together so well.”

Mrs. Ratchford is looking forward to enjoying the summer and will be keeping her options open for the future. No matter what, she says she’ll always support BC and will be grateful for the treasured Catholic education experience.

“I want Bishop Carroll to grow and flourish,” she said. “I had the best seat in the house for 29 years.”

Mrs. Ratchford will continue to serve BC as an advisor for the phased reopening health and safety plan, which is posted on at bishopcarroll.com.

The entire Bishop Carroll family is grateful to Mrs. Ratchford for her exceptional commitment to Bishop Carroll and wishes her and her family many blessings in retirement.

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