“Sending our children to Bishop Carroll Catholic High School has been the best decision for our family. It has been the perfect balance of excellent academics and seeing our children live their faith. We have watched them grow in so many ways and it is reassuring knowing that they have learned to take faith with them no matter what they are doing. The opportunities to grow as a young adult at Bishop Carroll are supported by wonderful teachers and staff and our children have the benefit of knowing everyone and feeling personally connected to the school, just like family.”

– Scott and Erin (Bodenschatz 1996) Becquet, parents of Evan (2019), Emma (2022), Tobey (2024), Sophie (2026) and Noah (2031)

“We are strong believers that environment is very influential when raising children. At home, we were our sons’ first teachers. They learned basic skills such as being kind to one another, sharing, and using manners. When choosing a school for our children, we looked for an environment that continued the basics that we had instilled at home. We found that at Saint Michael School in Loretto. We believe that as our children have entered their teenage years, that it is equally important to continue to set them up for success. For us, Bishop Carroll Catholic is the obvious next step to continue the tradition in which they have excelled. The strong faith background is like no other. The teachers and staff care about all of the students and make it their goal to personally see them succeed.”

– Steve (1985) and Monica (Long) Hogue (1985), parents of Caleb (2014), Mitchell (2016), Trevor (2019) and Joel (2021)

“There is a certain sense of pride and honor associated with every aspect at Bishop Carroll Catholic. This high school gives young men and women the chance to learn in a welcoming atmosphere led by a truly caring and extremely qualified faculty. What we enjoy most about Bishop Carroll is that we as parents know that our children’s faith based curriculum will challenge and help prepare them for every curve that life throws them in their bright futures. The study abroad opportunity that the students are given is another amazing and eye opening experience that Bishop Carroll offers as well.”

– Randy (1989) and Dawn Repko, parents of Kayla (2019), Isaac (2020), and Luke (2024)

“In today’s world, Catholic education is essential. If we want to have faith in our future, we need to immerse our children in our faith. Bishop Carroll, along with our Catholic grade school, gives our children the opportunities to develop in faith, mind, spirit, and body. We can see our children growing academically as well as spiritually, every day. As parents, it is our duty to begin this formation at home. However, we cannot do it alone. This is why we choose to send our children to Catholic school.”

– Scott and Christine (Sherry) (1991) Farabaugh, parents of Sarah (2019), Nathan (2021), David (2023), Daniel (2025), Megan (2027), Andrew (2029), and Michael (2031)

“The decision to enroll our children in a Catholic school was an easy one. High academic standards, small class sizes, flexible curriculum, with integration of core values including religion, and a personable staff who knows you by name. This is why we will continue to choose Catholic education.

– Steve (1992) and Cindy Cunningham, parents of Samuel (2018), Emily (2019), Ethan (2021), Seth (2024), Eli (2026), and Sophia (2029)

Parent/Family Involvement

Parent and family involvement is critical to student success at all levels of education. Bishop Carroll works hard to make parents and families as much a part of the school as the student body.

We are blessed to have active, involved families who care deeply about the progress of their children, academically, behaviorally, spiritually and in all areas of life. Opportunities to volunteer at school and in activities and athletics are available to interested families who must complete the requirements and clearances of Protecting God’s Children.

Parents are true partners of BC. Our parents and families are our best and most important supporters of our faculty, administration and students, and we delight in adding new families to the Bishop Carroll community.

Parents describe their investment at Bishop Carroll as “worthwhile” and “life-changing” for their children, citing safety, personal attention, high quality academics, fellowship and faith among the school’s many unique qualities.

“Spirit. Heart. Mind. Body. These are not just words to us, but truly the difference between Bishop Carroll and other local high schools. We chose this Christ-centered education because of the opportunity for our kids to develop a foundation for their whole person.”


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