What People Are Saying:

“I love BC! I had a good time over there. All of my teachers, my house parents and my classmates took care of me, especially when I could not speak English properly. Now I have my own internship at the Omni Homestead Hotel in Virginia and I am attending college in Switzerland. BC improved my English language skills and helped me to be more independent. I can’t wait to come back and visit!”
-Hangyuan (Vic) Zhang
“The teachers at BC were nice to the international students and very understanding and patient because when we first came we could not speak or understand English very well. I made many American friends that I still talk to. Bishop Carroll taught me confidence because the people encouraged me and cared about me in a way that I have not experienced in college. Also, I am taking classes now that are easy because of the classes I took at BC.”
-Min (Lance) Li
“Four years ago, I walked into Aquinas Hall for the first time. Four years later, I cannot believe I am a senior. At BC this was the first time I washed my clothes on my own, the first time I cooked something to eat, and the first time I was involved in sports and clubs. I have met my closest friend, my favorite teacher, and my best houseparent. I have learned much and improved my grades. This place feels like home.”
– Haochen (Tony) Yu
“I think BC is a school that cares a lot about students. Teachers and the principal, Mrs. Ratchford, are all very nice. I went to another high school in Florida before coming to BC. That school was big with more than 1200 students. They had a lot of facilities that BC doesn’t have such as a tennis court and a swimming pool, but the teachers did not care about the students like the teachers at BC do. The international house at BC made me feel more comfortable. I also improved more quickly with my English and I became more interested in religion. I am now a Christian and I go to church every Sunday, I read the Bible and do daily prayer, and Bishop Carroll was the reason I did all of these things. Husky Hill is a peaceful studying environment and I felt extremely comfortable.”
-Yuchen (Nancy) Yang
“Everyone there is so kind! The teachers and my classmates were all very kind to me. I know that some people may not like Chinese students but not the people at Bishop Carroll. They made the environment very welcoming. And they were all so friendly. My favorite class was U.S. History and my favorite teacher was Mr. Nagy and I miss him! In my opinion, the school is perfect and I wish more people would get involved!”
-Junpei (Pat) Xu
“The teachers here are always helping us because sometimes it is hard to understand and they very patiently explain things. We can create new clubs and join activities, study what we want to study, and have fun in social activities.”
-Yi (Nina) Lu
“The teachers at BC are kind and always helpful for the students when they need assistance. I like it because it is a small school and you know everyone in it. The students at BC are friendly and I made a lot of friends that helped me with school work and things that I did not know.”
-Henry Pham

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